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Play the Kevin Bacon game

Find the degrees of seperation between two actors, the linking element being the films they've both been in, the higher the degree of seperation the better!

Kevin Bacon once claimed that he had worked with everyone in Hollywood - now you can test his claim. Sometimes it's called the Kevin Bacon Game, others call it: Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon - after the phrase: six degrees of separation. Use this application to determine the degree of separation between any two actors alive or dead! The higher the score the better. It's very hard to obtain a score higher than 6 - and it's very rare to find actors that aren't connected at all (have an undefined score). See if you can find a pair of actors with a score of greater than 6 or above!

First Actors Full Name
Second Actors Full Name
Using movies released between and
Link chronology
Genres to allow:
Action Biography Drama Game-Show Musical Romance Talk-Show
Adult Comedy Family History Mystery Sci-Fi Thriller
Adventure Crime Fantasy Horror News Short War
Animation Documentary Film-Noir Music Reality-TV Sport Western

Thank you to the University of Virginia Computer Science Department for providing the background engine for this game

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