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Intrigued in writing for The Kevin Bacon Game?

Are you a business news author, book customer, cartoonist, blog writer, reporter, or wish to learn ways to blog and promote?

We do not need “free content.” The majority of people who use “free content” send out commercial promo, and we do not want that. Every day, we are provided “short articles” from people who cannot string 2 sentences together, or who toss English grammar eliminate of the window. We do not need that. Luckily, our spam checker never ever even provides the majority of those to us.

One kind of message we specifically do not want is this– “I need visitor post, how much?”

If you wish to write real news, that people may appreciate, please kept reading, otherwise, please try elsewhere.


Business Writers Wanted

We accept well-informed business news authors. Our business readers enjoy checking out unique, well-researched, well-written business news, that hands down beneficial present info. They wish to become aware of existing patterns, and if you have a crystal ball, about the future.